Grozny resident complains about investigators’ inaction in her son’s kidnapping

Zura Matsaeva from Grozny has stated that for almost eight months she knows nothing about her 31-year-old son Rizvan Matsaev. The latter’s relatives and friends believe that he was kidnapped by some law enforcement body and complain about investigators’ inaction. The Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) refuses to comment on the incident.

On January 20 this year, Rizvan Matsaev, born in 1982, left his home for the morning prayer in the mosque and never returned, said his mother. According to her story, her son had nothing to do with illegal armed formations (IAFs) and could not voluntarily leave home.

The woman believes that her son was one of those detained during the “preventive” operations by Chechen law enforcers, when young people wearing beards were taken to police stations.

A few days after Matsaev’s detention, three more of his friends disappeared; this was reported by some of their relatives, who, however, feared to make the facts public because of the “warnings” received from power agents that “in this case they would never see their sons again.”

Igor Kalyapin, the head of the “Committee against Torture”, doubts that the republic has now much fewer kidnappings; he attributes the decrease to the fact that relatives now prefer not to turn to human rights organizations.

Oleg Orlov, a member of the Board of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial", has noted that in most cases relatives are afraid to complain anywhere.

Kadyrov’s nephew appointed head of Kurchaloy District by Deputies’ secret vote

Idris Cherkhigov, 25, a nephew of the Chechen leader, was approved as the head of the Kurchaloy District of Chechnya by secret ballot of Deputies of the District Soviet, the local administration has reported. The polled Kurchaloy residents are confidently attributing the Cherkhigov’s appointment to his family ties.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on August 20 the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announced that Idris Cherkhigov was appointed, initially as acting head of the administration of Kurchaloy District. His predecessor Roman Edilov had been earlier transferred to the post of the Acting Minister of Property and Land Relations of Chechnya.

After his election, Cherkhigov said that he would pay special attention to attracting investments, creating new jobs and moral upbringing of young people.

Residents of Kurchaloy District diverge in their attitude to the appointment of Kadyrov’s nephew to the post of the district leader. Some believe that, because of his family ties with Kadyrov, Cherkhigov will be able to effectively solve the existing problems. Others, on the contrary, fear that the new boss will make no special efforts in his new position right for the same reason.

Let us add here that Cherkhigov is now the youngest among his peers – heads of Chechen municipalities.

In case you’ve not yet seen Kadyrov as a time traveler 

Chechen military receives new equipment

The latest hardware station P-390PM, based on a “KAMAZ-4350” equipped courier and post service of motor-shooting crew of the Southern Military District, has been deployed in the Chechen Republic.

This station is intended for delivery of office and postal correspondence in military units, including to remote areas. Modern technologies allow it to process 600 confidential departures every day, 200 parcels and about 1000 bags with correspondence and periodicals editions, Rossiskaya Gazeta reports.

MCC refuses to postpone punishment to figurant in Politkovskaya’s murder case

Today, the Moscow City Court (MCC) has dismissed the petition lodged by advocates of Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, a figurant in the murder case of Anna Politkovskaya, an observer of the “Novaya Gazeta”, and asking to postpone the execution of punishment.

The “Caucasian Knot" has reported that back on December 14, 2012, the MCC sentenced the former policeman Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov to 11 years in prison. His defence now asks to postpone the enforcement due to his poor health status. At the court session on September 12, a neurologist Nikolai Zelenskiy and a psychiatrist Andrei Mitchenko stated that at the medical unit of the SIZO (pre-trial prison) it is impossible to provide the necessary treatment to Pavlyuchenkov.

During the today’s session, Judge Irina Vyrysheva from the MCC has dismissed the above advocates’ petition, the “Caucasian Knot" correspondent reports.

She noted in her ruling that according to the certificate received from the medical unit of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (known as UFSIN), Pavlyuchenkov’s diseases are not on the list of diagnoses that can be used to exempt from punishment. The judge found the above conclusions of the psychiatrist and neurologist insufficient.

"Map of Election Fraud" receives 35 reports from Southern Russia

During the election campaign, which ended on September 14, the “Map of Election Fraud” received more than 30 reports from five regions of Southern Russia. Some of them are published by observers; there are also reports from members of the election commissions and anonymous messages.

The “Caucasian Knot" has reported that on a single day of voting of September 14, Russia held a number of elections to regional and local authorities.

The “Map of Election Fraud” is a joint project of the Association of non-commercial organizations “In defence of the rights of voters ‘The Vote’” and the newspaper “”.

In total, by 12:00 a.m. Moscow time of September 15, the “Map of Election Fraud” received 35 reports from the southern regions of Russia. Of them, 22 reports came from the Krasnodar Territory, 7 from the Astrakhan Region, 3 from the Volgograd Region, 2 from the Stavropol Territory, and one from Chechnya.

In particular, members of election commissions and observers complained about ballot stuffing, illegal inclusion of voters in list for voting at home, and obstacles to activities of observers.

In total, during the last election campaign, the “Map of Election Fraud” received 766 messages from all regions of Russia.

ECtHR’s decision on case of Caucasian natives disappeared in Chechnya in 2001-2005 comes into force

On January 16, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) recognized violation of the human rights in the case of disappearance of five residents of Northern Caucasus in 2001-2004 and obliged Russia to pay more than 300,000 euros of compensation to the complainants. This decision has finally come into force, the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR announces.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on October 24, 2013, the ECtHR recognized that the Russian authorities violated the rights of the residents of Chechnya in the case on the disappearance and death of their relatives in 2001-2004 and obliged Russian authorities to pay to the complainants 20,000 euros of compensation for material damage, 280,000 euros of compensation for moral damage and 10,000 euros of litigation costs.

The Russian side insisted on the transfer of the case for reconsideration of the decision to the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR; however, the Strasbourg European Court refused to reconsider it and upheld the decision, the “RAPSI” (Russian Agency of Legal and Judicial Information) reports.

The document states that the Russian side defended the position, according to which the investigation did not clearly prove the involvement of Russian officials in the alleged violation of human rights.

"This is by no means proved by the fact that the attackers wore camouflage and carried forged IDs," the "RAPSI" quotes the Russian side as stating. However, those arguments have failed to affect the ECtHR’s decision.

Chechnya’s Kadyrov Stars in Time-Travel Film

Strongman Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov put his whimsical side on display as he made his acting debut in a short feature film about time travel.

The film’s protagonist, played by Kadyrov, has a special helmet that can transport its wearer back in time.

"The film shows the beautiful life our ancestors led, how they treated each other respectfully, how nicely they hosted guests, how they worked and raised real warriors and brave young men," Kadyrov wrote on Instagram on Saturday.

Kadyrov posted videos and pictures of his first acting experience online, which showed him wearing a metal helmet and a black surcoat.

According to the Chechen leader, the low-budget film, titled “The Magic Comb,” was shot in one take and with a single camera.

Chechen pilgrims to leave for Hajj on September 15

The first group of pilgrims from Chechnya, who this year commit Hajj to Mecca, will leave for Saudi Arabia on September 15. In total, this year, 2600 residents of Chechen will go for Hajj, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims (SAM) of Chechnya reports.

A staff member of the Muftiyat of Chechnya has stated that the SAM holds explanatory conversations with Chechen residents who intend to do for Hajj.

"Future pilgrims get general information how to perform certain rites of Hajj, and so on. Moreover, all people are notified that before leaving for Hajj, they are to repay all their debts, if any, or fines, since otherwise, they will not be allowed leave the republic by plane. They should also check the validity of their passports and make sure that all the entries in their passports are correct," he states.

This year, the quota on pilgrims for Chechnya is 2600 people, and the figure is almost one thousand less than it was in 2013. The SAM of Chechnya explains the decline by the fact that Mecca is conducting a large-scale reconstruction of the main mosque “Al-Haram”.

Earlier, the SAM has reported that this year, a person is expected to spend for going for Hajj the amount of 4000-5500 US dollars, including the cost of round trip and hotel accommodation.

Russia, Grozny, Chechnya.  A group of suspected illegal militia men held in a detention centre.  08/2003. Sergey Maximishin.

Russia, Grozny, Chechnya.  A group of suspected illegal militia men held in a detention centre.  08/2003. Sergey Maximishin.


Горнолыжный курорт VeduchiВ Чеченской республике открылся классный горнолыжный курорт Veduchi, уже завоевавший своих поклонников. А мы вышили нашивки для персонала!Подробнее о заказе нашивок:

Горнолыжный курорт VeduchiВ Чеченской республике открылся классный горнолыжный курорт Veduchi, уже завоевавший своих поклонников. А мы вышили нашивки для персонала!Подробнее о заказе нашивок:

Горнолыжный курорт VeduchiВ Чеченской республике открылся классный горнолыжный курорт Veduchi, уже завоевавший своих поклонников. А мы вышили нашивки для персонала!Подробнее о заказе нашивок:


Горнолыжный курорт Veduchi

В Чеченской республике открылся классный горнолыжный курорт Veduchi, уже завоевавший своих поклонников. А мы вышили нашивки для персонала!
Подробнее о заказе нашивок:

Caucasian Games have begun in Chechnya

The cultural festival, “Caucasian Games” opened [on the 7th] in Chechnya.

Prime Minister of the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov, Russian presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District Sergei Melikov, as well as the heads of the constituent parts of the North Caucasian Federal District came to Chechnya to take part in the festival.

Pavilions representing the culture of the republics of the North Caucasus Federal District were installed on Grozny’s central square next to the Heart of Chechnya mosque.

About 700 people are expected to take part in sports competitions.

Six delegations from different regions of the North Caucasus will take part in the festival: Stavropol Territory, Ingushetia, Dagestan, North Ossetia, Karachai-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria.

The festival was established in 2010 by the government of Russia. It is being held in Karachay-Cherkessia for the first time.